After-sales Service

Committed to building a professional, international after-sales service brand

Service Commitment

Service engineers on standby 24 hours, respond within one hour of receiving customer demands, arrive on-site within 24 hours, and provide one-stop solutions to customer issues, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Service Philosophy

Building "Customer First, Dare to Innovate, Passionate Effort, Winning the Future."

Service Philosophy

Customer-Centric: Creating value for customers is the foundation of Hengwang's existence. Within the team, we highly value the information provided by the departments and colleagues closest to the customers and are actively responsive to the needs of these departments and colleagues. Touching Customers with Care: The more challenging it is to meet customer demands, the greater the surprises and emotions brought to the customer. Only by exceeding customer expectations can we truly touch our customers.

Pre-sales Service

Hengwang Group is committed to providing you with professional pre-sales technical services. We offer detailed introductions to equipment specifications, market price forecasts, and consultations on professional technical documentation.

We aim to ensure that your investment brings the maximum benefits by facilitating optimal equipment performance in the later stages and focusing on energy conservation and environmental protection.

Market Layout

With the advancement of China's 'Belt and Road' initiative, the Group seizes this significant development opportunity, proactively extends its reach, and engages in cross-border e-commerce operations to expand its overseas market presence, driving the company's products to capture a larger share of the machinery market.

Currently, Hengwang's product sales network spans across more than 120 countries and regions worldwide, including 34 provinces in China and countries such as Japan, South Korea, Brazil, Mexico, Dubai, Australia, South Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, and the European Union.

Hengwang has established excellent partnerships with well-known domestic and international companies, including China Railway Construction Heavy Industry, China Geological Mining, various bureaus of China Railway, Yantai Port, Singapore Weili International Ship Management Co., Ltd., and Manila Electric Company in the Philippines.

Standard System Establishment

Combining national standards and industry standards, Hengwang Group has established an intelligent manufacturing system standard, a hierarchical management system, a standard knowledge base, a technical solution library, and a technical standards library, forming a comprehensive and industry-leading standard system for intelligent manufacturing.

Enhancement of Smart Manufacturing Capabilities

Each year, through the establishment of intelligent manufacturing capability levels, advanced manufacturing and digital technologies are introduced and applied. Automation and digital KPI management continually raise the company's levels of automation, digitization, and intelligence, ensuring that Hengwang Group remains an industry leader in overall smart manufacturing.

24-Hour Service Hotline: +86-13583772623

Hengwang firmly believes that service can create value, and top-notch after-sales service is equally important as high-quality products. Hengwang is committed to building a professional and international after-sales service brand, backed by a stable, professional, and efficient after-sales service team in the field of special operation vehicles. We meet the on-site service needs of domestic and international customers with strong technical expertise, a strong sense of responsibility, and a professional and rigorous service attitude, continuously striving to provide services that exceed customer expectations.

Hengwang employees1000+
Factory area128000+㎡
Customers spanning over 70 countries and regions
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