Warehouse Logistics

Industry Introduction

Warehouse logistics is an integral component of Hengwang Group's development, providing fundamental services such as storage, packaging, transportation, leasing, and value-added services. The business continually extends its supply chain by covering various aspects of the machinery equipment's after-sales logistics, supporting the overall development of the group and facilitating an ecosystem-driven development strategy.





Core Competency

Lean Planning Capability

Storage Planning Modeling Tools and Methods

Smart Storage Planning

Packaging Planning Modeling Tools and Methods

Transportation Planning

Precision Operations Capability

Innovative Operations System

Operations Support Capability

Localized Service Capability

Establishing Warehousing Networks in Multiple Countries and Regions Worldwide.

Providing Freight Delivery to Customers in Over 70 Countries and Regions Worldwide.

Providing Tailored Services Based on the Varied Needs of End Customers.

Brand Core Competency

Building a Logistics Intelligence Laboratory to Promote the Application of Cutting-Edge Technologies in Daily Production.

Building Multiple Information Systems to Support the Upgrade of Enterprise Towards Intelligent and Smart Warehousing Management.

Service Process

Warehousing Services

Operates large-scale warehouse centers and has established 5 overseas warehouses in Southeast Asia, Africa, South America, Russia, and Europe.

Packaging Services

We offer individual packaging solution design, environmentally friendly packaging production and supply services, as well as integrated solutions for sustainable packaging.

Transportation Services

Transportation Planning
End-to-End Visibility
Vehicle Allocation
Personalized Services

Solution Integration

We possess the capability for full supply chain planning of component logistics and the ability to integrate intelligent solutions.

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